About This Project

Artist – Marnik – Burn (Official Video)
Director, Camera, Casting, Photographer – Margaryta Bushkin
2017, Canary Islands

Directed by: Lorenzo Invernici, Margaryta Bushkin
Producer: Margaryta Bushkin
Director of photography: Lorenzo Invernici
Camera: Luca Comelli, Lorenzo Invernici, Margaryta Bushkin
1st AC: Giulia Mavillonio
Make up: Diana Cartisanio
Casting: Margaryta Bushkin
Edit + Colors: Lorenzo Invernici
Young girl: Diana Cartisanio
Fire performer, man: Edue Lebron Romero
Fire performer, masked: Jerry Emanuel Hellens
Fire performer, woman: Sophie Goulthorp
Skater: Brad Hammond
Man in suit: Alessandro Martello
Man with the glasses: Emanuele Longo
Ninja girl: Chiara Saladino

Photo, Video